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Our team of experts have many years experience in moulding, casting and finishing sculptures to a high standard

Alec Ryman BA (Hons) started to mould and cast professionally while still at art school in the early 1970s, working with Harry Horswell, now Atelier Bronze Foundry and the Sladmore Gallery.

At Kingston Polytechnic, Alec got to know Dame Elizabeth Frink whilst she was his assessor on his course.

Straight after his degree Alec moved up to York to work with Sally Arnup, setting up a small foundry there moulding, casting and finishing lost wax bronze.

A year later Alec returned to the South of England, becoming one of the master craftsmen of the moulding and casting shop at Burleighfield Arts bronze foundry. Here he reconnected with Dame Elizabeth Frink and worked with Kenneth Armitage, David Wynn, Enzo Plazzotta, Oscar Nemon, Lynn Chadwick and too many others to mention!

Alec set up Ryman Sculpture Casting Studio in 1982 and specialised in the origination, scaling up of sculpture, moulding, casting and finishing sculptures into bronze resin, stone & iron resin, high gloss resin and many other finishes.

Since 1982 Alec Ryman has grown his business very successfully with a hugely varied client list. This client list includes Dame Elizabeth Frink, Lynn Chadwick, Oscar Nemon, Sir Anthony Caro, Mark Wallinger, Amy Goodman, Jill Tweed, and many more.

Alec has also worked with well known establishments including The British Museum, Royal Veterinary College, The Royal Academy, The V&A, The Einar Jonsson Museum in Iceland, Warner Bros, the Chelsea Flower Show and the re-furbishment of Windsor Castle.

Over the years Alec has trained a large number of craftsmen who have moved on and continued to work in the art world which has included work at the film studios, Madame Tussaurds Studios, Technical support in London art colleges and leading bronze foundries.

In 1996 Nicole Leader BA (Hons) started to work with Alec Ryman and Ryman & Leader Sculpture Castings was formed in 2004 when Alec and Nicole joined in partnership.

This unity has bought a slightly more contemporary feel to the studio.

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